Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

Mice Removal & Exclusion | Common Faqs

by Lance Burke

They are capable of multiplying rapidly, destroying a building from the inside out, and contaminating a structure with bacteria-laden droppings. Mice are no small problem when they get into a structure, so they should be properly eradicated and this pest issue is one that anyone will want to avoid. When it comes to mice and pest control, you have two primary options: removal and exclusion. Take a look at some of the common questions about mice removal and exclusion services so you know what route you need to take. 

How is exclusion different than typical pest control efforts?

Mice exclusion involves doing everything possible to keep mice out of a structure. Pest control involves using whatever means necessary to eradicate mice that already exist, from traps to poison. In some cases, exclusion is performed on buildings where there has never been a pest issue. For example, a commercial building that is newly built may not have a mouse problem, but the business owner will hire a mice exclusion service to ensure they do not have problems with rodents going forward. Pest control is typically done after there is a problem already present. 

What happens when a mice exclusion expert shows up at your home or business?

If you hire a mice exclusion expert to come and help you with a mouse problem in your home or business, there will be several different things done while the expert is there. If there is an existing mouse problem, efforts will first be made to eradicate any mice that are present. Then, the professional will go through the exclusion process, which will involve things like:

  • Sealing off any existing access points in doors and windows
  • Installing shields around the base of exterior siding to prevent rodent entry
  • Covering vents that lead outdoors with wire mesh or screen material

Why is exclusion important if you've already eliminated a mouse problem?

In general terms, exclusion is important because it will help thwart ongoing rodent problems down the road. If you have a mouse problem in your home or building, it is highly likely the rodents will continue to come inside because there must be some reason why they are making their way in to start with. Therefore, just getting rid of what is present already is only part of the solution and does nothing for the mice that are still beyond the perimeter of the structure waiting to get inside. 


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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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