Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

For Easy Pest Prevention, Remember The Acronym PESTS

by Lance Burke

Nobody wants to have to call the exterminator. And the best way to prevent calls to the exterminator is to take action to prevent pests from invading your home and garden in the first place. You don't have to completely change the way you live or do any extensive remodeling to make your home less inviting to creepy crawlies and rodents. In fact, all you need to do is remember the acronym PESTS.

Put all Trash in a Closed Bin

Banana peels, leftover meat scraps, coffee grounds . . . they may be trash to you, but to bugs like cockroaches and rodents like rats, these items are a veritable buffet. Make sure you have a covered trash can in your kitchen, and ensure the lid seals tightly. (The variety with a pedal is a good choice since you don't have to remember to close the lid—and you won't get food on the lid when you open it.)

Also, make sure you take your trash outside often so the smell does not start to attract pests. Opt for a smaller trash can to prompt you to take it out more often—whenever it gets full. Ensure your outdoor garbage can is secure, too. Place a brick on top of the lid to keep bigger pests like raccoons from lifting it off. Store your garbage at least 20 feet from your home so that if it does attract pests, they're less likely to find their way inside. 

Eat Fruits and Veggies Promptly

Ants and fruit flies love when you forget to eat your bananas or accidentally leave the muffins on the counter! If you keep your fruits and veggies outside of the fridge, make sure you eat them promptly. Only buy what you will eat in a couple of days so that the food does not ripen, begin rotting, and then attract insects. If you have fruit or veggies on the counter and notice that they are starting to get beyond ripe, transfer them to the fridge.

Sweep the Floors and Cupboards More Often

All it takes is a few crumbs to attract ants, roaches, or other pests. You may drop crumbs without even realizing it—until you sweep! Make it a habit to sweep your floors every night, and put the crumbs straight into the trash. Also sweep out the bottoms of your cabinets and cupboards once a week or so. Many cabinets accumulate crumbs faster than you think—and the ants will surely find them!

Trim Your Trees and Care for the Garden

If you can keep pests away from your garden, they're less likely to take up residence in your house, too. Keeping small bushes and trees well trimmed will make them less appealing to bugs. (Dead branches will attract bugs if you don't trim them away. Make sure you also rake up any fallen leaves and debris on a regular basis. Ants and cockroaches have been known to breed in leaf piles and then migrate indoors when they run out of resources outdoors.

Spend Money on a Good Dehumidifier

Moisture is a key attractant for bugs, from earwigs to drain flies. You may not have any plumbing leaks or a leaky roof, but if the air is humid, pests may find all the moisture they need in condensation around the windows and on the basement walls. You can keep this moisture under control with a good dehumidifier. Buy one that is powerful enough to remove moisture from the whole home.

The next time you're worried about pests, just remember the acronym PESTS. You'll keep the bugs at bay so the exterminator can stay away. For additional advice, contact a pest control company in your area.


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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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