Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

Focus On The Outside To Keep Roaches From Coming Inside

by Lance Burke

Cockroaches are typically only considered pests when they are inside your home. For this reason, many people who find roaches in their home focus on changing the interior of their home to get rid of them. They may take the trash out more often, spread pesticides indoors, and remove moisture from the inside of your home. This strategy works once the roaches are already inside, but there's a better way to protect against roaches: focus on the outside of your home. If you can make the area around your home less attractive to roaches, you won't find them inside, either. Here's how to do so.

Improve your drainage

Roaches love moisture, both indoors and out. If your land does not drain well, this could attract roaches to your property. Consider having a landscaping company add drain tile to the land or dig a few ditches for better drainage. You might need to have filling added to certain low spots in your lawn to reduce puddling of water, too. 

Clean your gutters

Gutters are another source of moisture near homes. If your gutters become clogged, the mixture of old leaves and water inside of them may attract roaches. Plus, clogged gutters can lead to moisture damage to your roof and siding, and they can cause water to pool near your home. Try to clean your gutters out at least twice a year to keep them flowing freely. Consider having gutter guards installed to keep debris out completely.

Keep the trash further from your home

Think about the location of your outdoor trash can. Make sure it is not too close to your actual home. Place it 20 feet away—further if possible. This way, if roaches are attracted to your trash can, they won't have such a direct route into your home. Make sure you keep your outdoor trash can clean by hosing it off every couple of weeks.

Clean up your garden promptly

If you have a garden, make sure you pick up the vegetables and plants soon after the growing season is over. Roaches are not picky—they love rotting tomatoes as much as fresh ones! This also goes for any fruit trees on your land. Rake up fallen pears and crabapples promptly; don't let them sit.

If you follow the tips above, you will have fewer issues with roaches. Contact a pest control company, such as First Choice Termite and Pest Control, Inc., for more information. 


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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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