Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

3 Tips To Help Eliminate Bed Bugs As Fast As Possible

by Lance Burke

Have you recently come home from a trip and have discovered that things are not the same as when you left? Did you pick up some hitchhikers in the form of bed bugs at some point in your journey? As you've been discovering, having bed bugs doesn't necessarily mean that either you or your home is dirty. As you've probably also been discovering, it's not always easy to get rid of these invaders once they show up. But while you may be frustrated that they are bothering you, there are definitely things you can do to make it easier to eliminate them. Some of these things include:

Call in a professional: Unfortunately, bed bugs are immune to a wide variety of pesticides that you might otherwise be tempted to buy from your local store. A bed bug exterminator will have knowledge of which products are going to be the most likely to work and which ones have a high chance of being futile. Although you may not have all the bed bugs eliminated after just one application, you should at least be able to see a sharp decline in their numbers as soon as the exterminator does his or her job.

Do laundry: Bed bugs like to hide in bedding, clothes, and anywhere else that might seem like a good hiding place to them. But it's entirely impractical to expect your bed bug exterminator to spray all of your clothes in the hopes of eliminating any bed bugs that lurk within. It's much more reasonable to launder all of your clothes or at least put them in a medium dryer. Bed bugs aren't able to survive for more than a few minutes in hot temperatures, so this laundering process will kill any bed bugs that cling to the clothes. Once cleaned, place the laundry into airtight space-saving bags to prevent new bed bugs from infesting them.

Move furniture: Bed bugs also like to hide underneath and behind furniture, laying in wait for night to fall so that they can come out to feast. By moving your bed, sofa, and other pieces of furniture away from the wall, you're helping to eliminate more potential bed bug hiding places. In order to prevent bed bugs from simply crawling into and hiding within your furniture, ask your bed bug exterminator about whether he or she recommends things like sticky traps or bed bug traps around the furniture legs to stop bed bugs from getting anywhere.


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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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