Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

3 Reasons Why You're Dealing With An Insect Infestation

by Lance Burke

Have you recently discovered ants or roaches in your home? Are you wondering why they're even there because you keep a home that is quite clean? Getting rid of an infestation of insect pests can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you're not sure why they decided to stick around. But there are a number of reasons why they might choose to infest your home and getting rid of these things can help encourage them to move on and find somewhere else to live. Some of these things include the following. 

1. Leaky faucets: Household insect pests can eat just about anything; roaches will even eat cardboard if nothing else suitable is available. But whatever they eat, they absolutely need something to drink as well. If you have a leaky bathtub or a kitchen faucet that drips, that can be enough to supply an army of unwanted insects. 

As part of the combined efforts of yourself and your pest control professional, it's essential that you get the faucets fixed so that they no longer drip. In order to completely cut off access to water, get tightly fitting drain plugs to put in place when the fixture isn't in use to prevent any pests from drinking the residual water in the pipe.

2. Pet food: Anything that your cat or dog can eat, so can ants, roaches, and other pests. Simply storing the food inside of a tote may not be sufficient as some totes have enough of a gap between the lid and the container to allow insects to squeeze through. When shopping for a container, look for one that is tall and has a stiff lid that has a rubber gasket rather than short and wide with a slightly flexible lid. 

Never allow pet food to sit out for more than a few minutes, or else it will be discovered and eaten by your insect invaders. For maximum pest control effectiveness, see if you can get a friend or a family member to watch your pet for a few days so that there won't be any food sitting out at all.

3. Messy yard: If you haven't yet raked up the leaves in your yard, you should do so now as part of your pest control program. If your home is really devoid of anything to eat, roaches and ants may slip outside to forage and return to the warmth of your home for safety and shelter. Having an exterminator spray the perimeter of your home will help, but it will be more effective if you either clean up your yard or hire someone to clean it up for you.

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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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