Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

Make Sure Your Country Cottage Is Mouse-Free Prior To Renting Out The Residence

by Lance Burke

Field mice commonly look for a warm spot to burrow when it is frigid outside. A rental cottage that is located in the country and that has been tenant-free for the last couple of years needs to be inspected and treated for mice, since an infestation could deter anyone from renting the cottage or could even give you a bad name as a landlord if someone rents the home and then later determines that mice have been living inside of the residence all along. 

Open The Doors And Tidy Up

Head out to the cottage with the mindset that you are going to clean the residence from top to bottom and vigilantly inspect each room to determine if any critters have been present. Mice droppings, fur, and nesting materials are three things to look for that will give you an inkling if mice have taken up residence inside of the cottage.

Upon your arrival, let some fresh air inside by opening the front and back door to the home. Opening doors may also assist with the release of any mice that have become trapped inside. Use a disinfectant when wiping down walls, mopping floors, and removing dust from countertops. Move appliances toward the central part of the kitchen so that you can access dirty spots that have been covered up. 

Make The Place Uninviting For Your 'Guests'

If you think mice have been inside of the home, it is time to lay out some traps and make the rest of the home uninviting to any rodents that are outdoors, and that could potentially try to enter the residence. Set one or two standard wire traps or humane cages in the corner of each room.

Because you have an active infestation, you are going to need to keep checking the traps and disposing of any mice that have been caught to ensure that the rodent problem has been resolved. In the meantime, make the cottage univiting for more mice by caulking around doors and moulding and by making repairs to any areas that exhibit signs of structural damage.

One last spot to tend to is the property that surrounds the cottage. Remove loose items from the home's front porch and tidy up around the home's exterior. Don't overlook overgrown grass or brush. Both items could appeal to a mouse that wishes to seek warmth and could easily provide a viable hiding spot for small creatures. 

For more information, contact your local mice extermination service today.


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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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