Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

Termite Exterminator Tips For Preventing An Infestation In Your Home or Workplace

by Lance Burke

Just as your home can become infested with termites, so too can your commercial building. In fact, any structure made of wood is at risk of serious structural damage if termites move in and create a colony.

Thankfully, pest control professionals can stop potentially expensive damage from happening if they are contacted soon enough about the problem. Additionally, termite exterminators suggest you follow each of these tips for preventing an infestation in the first place.

Tip: Eliminate All Exterior Water Sources

Termites require both water and cellulose fibers to set up a colony. By eliminating all of their options for water around your building, you can help dissuade them from wanting to be there. 

The water sources that termites are often attracted to are:

  • plumbing leaks
  • standing water in puddles
  • standing water in clogged rain gutters

In addition, water coming off of the roof through downspouts needs to be diverted at least a couple of feet away from the foundation, so it doesn't become soaked with water and stay wet for a long time between storms.

Tip: Don't Use Wood Products in Your Landscaping

Since termites rely on the cellulose fibers in wood for their food source, eliminating all wood products from your landscaping goes a long way towards keeping them away from your property.

If your existing landscape has wood mulch, wood shavings, or wooden borders, then have your landscapers remove them and replace them with non-wood options.

Tip: Know the Clear Signs of Termite Presence

Termites always show signs of their presence, and if you are actively watching for them around your building, then you can call in a pest control technician to head off the formation of a colony.

If you don't have any experience with termites, there are four clear signs they are nearby:

  1.  you see swarms of small, dark-colored insects with four identical wings
  2. you see small sawdust piles where no wood has been cut
  3. the wood around your building's windows or doors feels soggy, or you see dry rot
  4. mud tubes are present along the foundation or on interior walls

Seeing any of these four things is always enough to warrant a professional termite inspection.

Tip: Don't Try to Treat Your Own Termite Problems

Finally, eradicating termites from a commercial building isn't ever a DIY project. Often, much of the termite activity takes place underground, and inside of spaces, you can't see or easily access. For this reason, you should do everything you can to deter termites from infesting your building and then seek professional help with eliminating those that do happen to try and set up a colony.

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