Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

Bee Removal And Control Tips For Homeowners

by Lance Burke

Bees can be a major problem for homeowners. However, this is a problem that is often underestimated, and this can make it far more difficult to combat these pests. For homeowners that are inexperienced in combating bee problems, there are some fairly basic pieces of information that can be extremely beneficial to review.

Appreciate The Full Scope Of The Damage That Bee Hives Can Cause

Homeowners will often assume that the worst consequence of a bee problem will be the increased risk of being stung. While this is a major concern for a home that has a developing bee problem, it is not the only issue that these insects can cause. Over the course of time, bees can cause considerable damage to a home. This can be due to the waste products they produce, moisture that gets trapped by the hive and tunneling activities that some bees can do. Homeowners that have failed to correct their bee problem for months or years will be far more likely to also need to have major repairs done to the home following the removal of these pests.

Act Quickly When You First Notice The Developing Bee Problem

In addition to reducing the risk of severe structural damage occurring to the home, the size of the bee colony can also increase over the course of time. As the colony grows larger, the problems that it will pose can become far more severe. Furthermore, it can become more difficult to remove as it will be harder for the bee control service to reach the queen of the colony.

Consider Non-Lethal Removal Options

While homeowners may assume that the use of powerful pesticides will be the only way to remove the bee colony from their home, there are non-lethal options that can also be considered. Considering the vital role that bees play in local ecosystems, homeowners are increasingly encouraged to use non-lethal bee removal options. For example, the colony will largely follow the queen. As a result, it can be possible for a bee removal expert to safely capture the queen to lure the colony to a safe location.

Remove The Hive Once The Bees Have Been Neutralized

After the bees are been removed or neutralized, the physical colony should be removed. Otherwise, it may be easier for a new bee colony to establish itself in the remains of the old colony. Also, removing the colony will prevent the hive from trapping moisture and causing damage.

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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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