Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

Keep Bugs And Rodents Out Of Your Shop With These Pest Management Tactics

by Lance Burke

Prevention is a critical part of commercial pest control. You need to keep bugs and rodents away so they don't destroy your inventory and drive away customers. Few things hurt your reputation as much as customers seeing roaches or rodents in your shop. Prevention is a matter of having regular pest control treatments and initiating pest management strategies. Here are some ways to keep pests under control in your building.

Control Humidity And Dampness

Repair plumbing and roof leaks so there are no damp areas in your building. If you have an old building with rooms you rarely use, then at least check them routinely for signs of too much moisture and install fans or dehumidifiers if necessary to keep the entire building dry. Several types of bugs are drawn to damp areas and some of them can be destructive to your inventory. By keeping your building dry, the habitat will be less inviting for bugs and rodents that love moisture.

Keep Things That Attract Pests Away From Your Building

Keep things that attract pests as far from your building as possible. While you might not be able to control where the dumpster is located, keep trash and clutter inside it and keep the lid closed. If you throw out food, make sure it is sealed in bags. Also, consider what you have planted near the foundation of your building. While plants are attractive, if you use wood mulch, the damp wood will provide a hiding place for roaches and other bugs that can sneak into your building. Think about using rock mulch for plants instead.

Keep The Building Free Of Clutter

Bugs and rodents love clutter because it provides a place to hide and make nests. Keep paper and fabric inventory organized and sealed in containers if they're stored for the long term. Pests also like to hide in quiet places so an old storeroom that's stuffed with inventory could be a perfect place for the pests to multiply out of sight. Also, train your employees to control clutter in the employee and customer areas so no food is left out to attract bugs. Bring in a cleaning service on a regular basis to keep your shop clean.

Work With A Commercial Pest Control Company

A commercial pest control service knows how important it is to keep pests out of your shop and they can offer suggestions for controlling bugs that are specific to your building. Plus, they can monitor your building for rodent and insect activity and apply treatments that keep pests away. It's worth it to have regular treatments even if you don't see any bugs in your building because a roach infestation could do your reputation a lot of harm, especially if your shop sells food products.

Contact a service, like All American Pest, for more help.


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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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