Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

Termite Be A Pesty Situation In Your Home

by Lance Burke

When you are home alone, you want to know that you are really the only one in the house. However, as you sit in front of the TV watching your favorite show while the house is finally quiet, you may have intruders in the home with you that you are unaware of. These intruders are very dangerous, and they can cause a lot of damage, leaving you in a bad way. These gnawing, relentless invaders are termites and they won't go away easily. The sooner you realize they are in the home with you, the sooner you can call for help!

Termites can damage a lot of wood in a quick amount of time

When you find any possible traces of termites, you need to call pest control. Do not put off making that call because the longer that you wait to call for help, the more damage that is being done to your home that you don't even realize is being done. Termites don't work alone and this is how they can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Termites can put the integrity of your home in jeopardy

Termites don't just eat some of the wood around your home and then take off for greener pastures, or browner wood that is. They tend to stick around in one place and chomp away at all kinds of wood areas, including your home's structural beams, the floor joists and even the wall studs. Once they are finally done with your home, it may have a hard time standing. This is why acting fast is so important. To make matters worse, a lot of home owner's policies will not cover termite damage. This means putting off getting help can cost you more money in repairs day by day.

Termites aren't THAT good at hiding

Termites may prefer to stay hidden in the wooded areas of your home, but there are still ways of knowing they are there. At times, they can be seen swarming and even shedding a lot of wings in one spot before entering the home. Also, they travel in little dirt tunnels that almost look like coffee straws. You can find these tunnels along the baseboards, along the exterior of your home or even along the wall inside of cabinets. Also, once they have damaged a wood area enough, you can tell by knocking on the wall because it will now sound hollow.

Contact a termite exterminator for more assistance.


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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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