Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

Keeping Gophers Away From Your Garden

by Lance Burke

If you have a lot of property that you use for gardening, you likely want to keep gophers away from it. They will eat your vegetation and cause unsightly holes to be present in the ground. There are several steps you can take to rid your garden of gophers if they take up residence amongst your foliage.

Use Covers And Fences To Protect Plants

When you plot out your garden, invest in covers and a fencing solution to help keep gophers and other pests from causing havoc around your growing plants. Covers are usually dark-colored to help attract sunlight, making conditions prime for warming seedlings during the beginning stages of growth. This dark color will make the conditions underneath covers too hot for gophers to find comfortable. They will likely burrow toward other areas to avoid the heat. Pair the covers with a fence, whether it be a professionally-installed one or a smaller fence you install on your own, and gophers will have difficulty getting to your garden with ease.

Try A Few Deterrents To Keep Gophers Away

Gophers will not stay in an area where they feel they are being threatened. If you install a few plastic hawks in your garden area, gophers will see these from afar and keep away from the area completely. Make sure to move the birds every few days so gophers do not get used to their positioning. In addition, loud sounds and spicy foods are deterrents for gophers. If you see gophers in the area, clang pots and pans together or play a radio at full volume to help scare them away. Spray down your plants with a mixture of cayenne pepper and water to keep gophers from eating them. This solution is not harmful to plants or animals, but is a wonderful deterrent against pests.

Contact A Professional For Help

If the above tasks do not work at getting gophers to vacate your property, you can enlist help from a residential wildlife removal expert. A professional wildlife worker will be dispatched to your property to check out its conditions and determine whether gophers have an underground tunneling system in place. They will assess the location of tunneling holes and use trapping methods to remove gophers from your land. Then they will relocate them to another area far enough away from your property that they will no longer be considered a risk to your garden. A site like has more information.


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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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