Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

Seen A Skunk In Your Yard? Tips To Get It Out And Prevent Future Skunks

by Lance Burke

If you keep seeing a skunk hanging around your yard, you need to get it out as soon as you can. The last thing you want is for the skunk to get threatened and spray. If this happens, the odor can be very difficult to get rid of. Keep reading for information on how you can get the skunk out of your yard before anything like this happens to you, as well as tips to prevent more from coming back. 

Contact An Animal Removal Company

There are many ways you can remove the skunk on your own. Because these animals will spray and they can also have rabies, you should not attempt to do this yourself. Instead, contact an animal removal company to come to your home. The contractor that comes to your home will have the experience at removing skunks and other wildlife from your property. This way you will not have to come in contact with the skunk and get sprayed or bitten. 

The animal removal company will use live traps to capture the skunk and release it in a safe area. In some states, it is illegal to kill wildlife, including skunks. If the skunk is hidden, the contractor uses different methods to draw them out so they can capture them. 

Prevent Skunks

Skunks try to find hiding places, so they look for ways to get under your home in the crawlspace, in a basement, and more. Walk around your home and if you see any openings in the foundation, seal the openings off. If you have vents in the foundation or any other opening, cover everything with concrete, sheet metal, or wire mesh. 

Remove garbage cans outside as soon as they become full. If you have a rodent problem, such as mice, you need to take care of this problem also. Skunks like to eat small rodents so check the crawlspace, inside your home, garage, shed, etc. A pest removal company can help you with a mouse problem. 

Keep debris picked up in your yard as this can be a hiding place for skunks to live. This includes things like stacked lumber, junk cars, fence posts, and more. Skunks can also damage your yard as they will dig for grubs. To take care of this, use the appropriate insecticide to kill these insects. 

An animal removal company can offer you more tips and information to help with your skunk problem.


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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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