Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

What Are Your Residential Pest Control Options?

by Lance Burke

Residential pest control issues can lead to damage to property, health problems, and general nuisances. If you're dealing with a house pest control situation, you're probably wondering what the range of potential options might be. Professionals tend to recommend one of these four possible solutions.


In many instances, the key to controlling pests is simply to keep them from entering a house. A professional may use physical barriers, such as wires, screens, or fences to prevent pests from entering a house. This usually works best when the problem involves animals rather than bugs.

There are also invisible barriers. Some chemical repellants, for example, may deter certain bugs or animals from coming near the property. Especially when it comes to chemical barrier systems, it's safest to leave the job to a licensed and insured technician.


Capture is also an option in many residential pest control scenarios. Some traps end up killing the pests, such as you would see with a traditional mouse trap. However, others may just contain them so a professional can then relocate the critters. As you might expect, this works best when you're facing a small number of pests.


Some pests will evade traps and barriers. In these cases, a professional may have to take the more drastic step of shooting the pests. Typically, this works for creatures large enough to shoot. Many companies use air guns designed for this purpose, minimizing the potential risk to damage property or injure a person.

However, you should check the rules in your municipality and state for deploying this solution. Particularly, try to find out whether it is legal or not to shoot the specific pest.

Eliminating Attractions and Entries

Sometimes the best solution is to get rid of whatever might attract the pests. For example, holes in a house may permit bats or birds to sneak in. If that's the case, the simplest solution will be to identify the likely entry points and have a contractor fix the problems you can find. The same problem can occur under siding or along a foundation, and the solution is typically to plug holes and prevent ingress.

Similarly, some pests use natural bridges to homes. If you have a stack of firewood nearby, for example, it could serve as a staging area for termites to attack the house. A tree overhanging a house could serve as a bridge to insects like ants getting in, too.

For help with your pest problems, contact a residential pest control service in your area. 


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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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