Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

3 Ways Residential Pest Control Can Keep Animal And Insect Pests Out Of Your Detached Garage

by Lance Burke

A detached garage that doesn't get a lot of use can be a haven for all sorts of pests, both animal and insect. The building provides shelter and a quiet place to nest. It may also provide water if the garage has a roof leak, and food if you store items in there. 

You probably don't want to encounter mice or spiders when you go in the garage, and even more importantly, you don't want your detached garage to be a breeding ground for pests that can find their way to your house. Here's how a residential pest control company can help eliminate and prevent pest problems in your garage.

1. Find Ways Pests Can Get In

If your garage is old and in bad shape, it may be difficult to keep pests away if there are open cracks and gaps in the walls. However, if it's possible, the pest control company may seal all the potential entry holes on the building so rodents, snakes, and insects can't get inside.

If the garage has a traditional garage door, this would include closing gaps around and below the door too.

2. Apply Pest Control Treatments

The pest control company might spray inside and outside of the garage to eliminate a pest problem and to keep pests away. You could then have your garage treated every time you have routine pest control treatments on your home.

If the exterminator sees signs of rodent activity, they may set traps or rodent boxes in the garage to kill a current rodent problem or to monitor for pests.

3. Advise On Things You Can Do

If you can keep clutter to a minimum, remove food, and fix leaks that let in water, the garage won't be as attractive to pests. Keeping the garage dry is important since damp wood can attract termites.

Cardboard boxes that get wet attract silverfish, so you may want to keep stored items in plastic boxes that snap shut. Eliminating insects in the garage cuts off the food supply for spiders, and that prevents a spider infestation too.

If you don't use the garage daily for parking, you may want to visit the garage more often or play a radio in there all of the time to deter rodents.

A vacant building is comfortable for a variety of pests, so if you make it seem like there's a lot of activity, animals may choose a different place to stay, especially if your garage doesn't provide good nesting places, food, and water.

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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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