Resolving Pest Control Issues

Resolving Pest Control Issues

  • Make Sure Your Country Cottage Is Mouse-Free Prior To Renting Out The Residence

    Field mice commonly look for a warm spot to burrow when it is frigid outside. A rental cottage that is located in the country and that has been tenant-free for the last couple of years needs to be inspected and treated for mice, since an infestation could deter anyone from renting the cottage or could even give you a bad name as a landlord if someone rents the home and then later determines that mice have been living inside of the residence all along.

  • 4 Things You Can Do To Eradicate Earwigs

    A peaceful evening at home can quickly be ruined by the sight of a bug crawling across your living room floor. One bug that many individuals find particularly disturbing is the earwig. Though earwigs are not poisonous, they have an intimidating appearance complete with a set of pincers that protrude from their body. Despite their name, earwigs prefer to use their pincers fighting other earwigs and predators, not inside your ears.

  • 3 Reasons Why You're Dealing With An Insect Infestation

    Have you recently discovered ants or roaches in your home? Are you wondering why they're even there because you keep a home that is quite clean? Getting rid of an infestation of insect pests can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you're not sure why they decided to stick around. But there are a number of reasons why they might choose to infest your home and getting rid of these things can help encourage them to move on and find somewhere else to live.

  • Unwrapping The Holidays Without Welcoming Roaches: How To Keep Your Home Bug-Free

    Holidays are meant for happiness, not harrowing chases and fights with cockroaches. If you don't have any bugs in your home, you don't want to bring them in over the holidays, but if you do have a few, the population could considerably increase in size during the festivities, if you're not careful. Here's how to approach the coming season with caution, if you're worried about roaches: Unpacking Your Decorations All your beautiful holiday decorations are likely stored in the basement, attic or a closet all year long, meaning they could have easily picked up a few roaches.

  • Got Bed Bugs? Here's What You Can Do To Stop The Infestation

    You don't have to throw your belongings out just because you've determined that they are infested with bed bugs. Here is what you can do to stop the infestation from getting worse and get rid of your bed-bug problem altogether: Thoroughly Inspect Your Home Now that you suspect that a piece of furniture in your home is infested with bed bugs, it's important to thoroughly inspect the rest of your home for signs of an infestation.

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Resolving Pest Control Issues

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